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Have you been researching painting furniture or painting your kitchen but in information overload? I've got you covered! I've been doing this for over 20 years. If you use the right paint it's super easy + durable! If you're a total newbie my go to paint is Jolie Matte Paint. 


The paint dries fast, coverage is amazing (2 coats tops) and then you can seal it with furniture wax or a varnish. You can get your dresser painted in a few hours! Stop researching and pick up a paint brush.

Thinking about painting your furniture but scared to mess it up? I've got you... 

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no time to paint it yourself?

Custom Furniture Painting Services

No time or interest in painting your furniture? No problem! We can paint it for you. We do this on the regular!  We just need you to send us a little bit of information and we can send you an email with an estimate and timeline.

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real results

“It was so easy! I transformed my kitchen on a budget and it looks amazing!”

Anne wanted to refresh her kitchen but she couldn't afford to gut the kitchen yet. She came to us just looking for ideas on how to brighten the space up on a budget. We walked her through the process of using our Jolie Matte Paint line to paint her kitchen cabinets Palace white. She was a little scared at first but once we showed her how easy the paint was to use... she was in!

- Anne


“I love my "new" kitchen table and chairs!”

I love my “new” kitchen table and chairs! I just had them painted at Stylish Patina. Great advice that I did not need to find another table that was the perfect size and style for my space. We just covered up the stains and marks with a distressed finish. Great advice! And very reasonably priced.

- Christine


How we can help

DIY Paint Lines

We got you covered with all the best paint lines - Jolie Matte + GF Milk Paint are our go to lines!

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We Can Teach You!

No interest in painting?  No worried we offer full service custom painting for all your needs!


We'll Do It For You!

Need some guidance? Let us help! We offer Online Digital Classes full of videos + printables or in person classes.

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Grab our quick Furniture Painting PDF for our Jolie Paint line - No priming No Sanding ... pop the top + go!

I swear it's as easy as it sounds with our Jolie Matte Paint line. We sell it in the store and online. It's our #1 seller because it is SO EASY! No fumes, water based, paint around your kids and pets no big deal! Want more info? Grab our FREE guide below!

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Are your ready to paint?  

Like instant gratification and have zero time and patience? This freebie is for you!

What paint should I choose?

We use and sell our FAVORITE two lines.

1. Jolie Matte Paint
2. General Finishes Milk Paint

stop pinning & start painting  

Don't get trapped in the research buy some paint + go!

For the new painter I always suggest Jolie. It's so easy you really can't mess it up! It requires no priming + no sanding just pop the top and go. If you've painted a few pieces and want to try a new line of paint I suggest GF Milk Paint for something a little different. They are both minimal to no prep work and water based paints.

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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

-Maya Angelou

Transformation corner

yes you can too

Kitchen Cabinets + bathroom vanities

Yes! You can easily paint your kitchen cabinets + bathroom vanities.

Starting a kitchen refresh is always a popular topic with our customers. Both of our paint lines do an amazing job with MINIMAL prep. Pop the top, stir the paint, and go! You can use a brush, roller or a sprayer.  

gold leaf + gilding wax for bling

Looking for BLING? Our gilding wax + gold leaf is where it's at!

You can add gorgeous glam elements to our furniture and home decor pieces with gilding wax and it is SO EASY! Want to get a little fancy? Add some gold leaf in the mix! 

paint your fabric or leather

Dated fabric + leather turned fabulous with a little paint.

I know you have that chair. You love the look of it, but the fabric is horrible and the cost to have it reupholstered is crazy! What are your options? Well, YES! You can paint it and then seal it with wax!  Just like that it looks brand new. Learn more on our YouTube Channel.

paint all the furniture

Yes, you can paint furniture made from just about anything with our diy paint lines. 

Wood, metal, laminate, vinyl ..... This includes IKEA furniture! Our Jolie Paint line  is 100% NO PRIMING, NO SANDING, NO JOKE.  The paint is water based, dries quickly and you can transform furniture in hours! Head to our Blog for TONS of inspiration!

paint Your floors

Floor challenges! Need a refresh paint them. Wood, tile, cement, vinyl... we got you. 

Lots of folks are looking to refresh flooring! The Jolie Matte Paint can do this for you! Slap on a couple coats of paint, throw on a cute stencil and seal it with our floor varnish. It's easy and affordable.

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LET'S get this party started!

Hop on over to the SP Paint Lab + grab my digital furniture painting class so that you can get all the deets right from me!  I've got tons of videos, PDF, FAQ's and so much more!