Painting Floors with Jolie Matte Paint

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August 26, 2021

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Painting the floors in your house can be asuch a simple and easy way to make a HUGE impact in your space for hardly any money! Replacing tile, laying new hardwood or deciding to carpet your floors can be expensive. Painting your floors is such an easier option! Whether you have tile, woood or laminate, you can paint them to look brand new. Our Jolie Matte Paint is perfect for this project. So let us guide you through the steps and then you’ll be ready to redo your own floors!

Step 1: Determine Your Surface & Do Prep

Jolie Paint adheres best to matte, unsealed tile, preferably with a little bit of texture. Vinyl tiles or flooring also accept paint well. If this is what is currently installed in your home, then it’s likely a good candidate for painting. However, if you have tile with a super shiny or smooth, sealed surface, you’re going to want to proceed with caution. Most shiny tiles can still be painted with a bit of extra prep, but it may wear more quickly than matte surfaces, particularly if the tile is located on floors in high traffic areas. If this sounds like your tile, you’ll want to adjust your expectations and know that it may need to be repainted or replaced eventually.

Begin by cleaning your surface well with a biodegradable cleaner. Pay special attention to floors or surfaces in high traffic areas, especially bathrooms or kitchens, where there may be extra dirt and grime buildup. After cleaning, rinse your surface well to remove any cleaning product residue. If the tile you are painting is shiny, sand the surface with 150 grit sand paper. The goal here is to scratch up the surface, which helps to create tension and allows the paint adhere better. After sanding, clean up any remaining dust or debris.

Step 2: Choose the Right Color for your Space

Floor tiles are typically shaded or textured, using multiple colors to create depth, and more importantly, hide dirt. If you choose a single color for a floor project, you may want to select a mid-tone color. This will ensure that every spec of dirt doesn’t become immediately visible. Some of our favorite Jolie Paint colors for floors include: Linen, French Grey, Sage. With that being said -If you’re dying to paint your floors a bright bold color -go for it! It’s reallly about what you’re going to love! If you want to highlight any texture that is currently on your tile, layering 2-3 colors to create a Washed or Dry Brushed finish is a great way to give your surface some depth or even create a stone-like like effect, just be sure the finish you choose can be easily replicated on each tile.

Step 3: Start Painting!

painting floors with jolie paint

Jolie Paint has such great adhesion it doesn’t require a primer, so you can just get started! For larger areas, we recommend using a low to medium napped roller, depending on the texture of your floor. A Jolie Flat Brush can be used to cut in on the edges and remove any pooling of paint in your grout lines.

You’ll want to begin painting at the far end of the room, working your way towards the door. Be sure to start by cutting in the edges of the space, then use your roller to fill in center. Allow the first coat of paint to dry for 24 hours before moving onto the second coat. Following the same steps above, apply your second coat of paint and allow to dry for 8 hours. Most colors will cover with only two coats, but if needed, repeat steps to apply a third coat.

Step 4: Seal it with a Top Coat

Since we’re painting floors, you’ll want to go with Jolie’s Floor Varnish. It provides a durable, satin finish that will hold up well to wear and tear. However, if painting in an area that will regularly be exposed to standing water, such as an outdoor area or heavily used bathroom, you may want to go with a water-proof sealer. Let it dry and then you’re done!

Check out our favorite painted floors for a bit of Inspiration:

Grab the right tools for the job and have them shipped to your door:

jolie flat brush
Flat Brush, $10.95
Floor Varnish $84.95
Gentlman’s Blue, 1qt $38.95
stylish patina painting floors
French Grey, 1qt $38.95
Noir, 1qt

Looking for a few more projects that make a HUGE impact, but don’t take a ton of time or money? Take a look at a few of our favorite Blog Posts! Try repainting your kitchen table to freshen up your dining room, think about redoing your kid’s play area to bring a little fun and sophistication, or repaint your fireplace to get ready for fall!

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