Furniture Painting Services

Furniture Painting Services By Stylish Patina

Welcome! Stylish Patina offers custom furniture painting services.  Each item is painted by hand with a brush in our studio.  We are able to achieve a variety of finishes using a brush from modern to old world European.   If you are looking for a one of a kind furniture transformation with character review the steps below to get an estimate.  Our custom schedule is busy so get your request in!

All furniture items need to be delivered to our Falls Church City location.  Most items are completed in 7-21 days depending on the project. We will contact you a few days before completion. Items are expected to be picked up within a couple days of completion since we have a small shop with minimal storage space.

Paints We Use for Furniture Painting Services

We USE and SELL three lines of paint. These are my go to paints that I feel are the best on the market to be used for furniture painting by us and you. We can paint your furniture and TEACH YOU to paint your own furniture! Learn about our paint classes HERE.

1. Jolie Matte Paint (Premier Chalk Paint) – Jolie is an easy to use minimal prep paint that can be used for a distressed European look or a clean modern finish. It’s VERY user friendly.  It is sealed with a varnish / poly top coat or a furniture wax. 

2. General Finishes Milk Paint – This paint offers a nice modern finish but is recommended to have a topcoat put on it for durability. It’s a thinner paint and more prone to drips. But has some beautiful color options.  This is not a traditional “Milk Paint” it acts more like a latex paint.

3. Melange ONE paint – This is a new paint line for us that we are just starting to stock.  It has a topcoat built into it so it is a one stop option.  It also requites minimal prep before using. It dries with a light sheen not fully flat.

We will recommend paints lines for you based on your project and expected outcome. We are also happy to discuss paint color and finish with you to help in your decision making process.  You can schedule a time to come in and chat with one of us in the shop.


1. Email us a couple images of your piece of furniture, include the measurements of your piece and what you are looking for as an outcome for example “I want a European aged look or a more modern finished look”.  If you are looking for additional things such as knobs changed or dark waxed applied please let us know this as well so we can include this in your estimate.  Also include you color selection or idea color does impact cost.

2. We will email you back with an estimate for the work as well as a recommended color from paint lines we sell in the shop. These are the main lines we currently work with for custom projects. We will also include a drop off time and pick up time for your project.  You are responsible for finding transportation for your furniture we have a couple local delivery services we recommend.

3. If you want to move forward with the project we will send you a contract and 50% of the cost is due at the time the contract is signed. This will secure your appointment.  You can confirm via email.  All color selection needs to be decided on PRIOR or AT drop off so we can begin your project right away.

Most custom furniture painting project take 1-4 weeks depending on the size and our schedule.


Dresser $350-$650

Side tables – $150-$350

Mirrors – $100-$350

Desks – $325-$550

Bed Frames $400-$800

Buffets $350-$700

Chairs $125- $300

Dining Tables – $500-$1000

China Hutch – $450-$750

Wardrobe -$450-$850

Kitchen Cabinets, Pianos, Built in’s etc.. – TBD please send pictures for estimates

*price varies depending on turn around time, paint finish, paint color and size. Email us for an estimate shop@stylishpatina.com

Once the estimate has been provided you are required to provide 50% of the deposit at the time of scheduling.  Color selection needs to be approved.  Since each item is hand painted it may have natural imperfections due to the hand painting process and the age of vintage furniture.

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