furniture painting with stylish patina

Furniture painting made easy!

Welcome to the Paint Lab!  I'm glad you're here. I can't wait to help make your house a home you love, with a little DIY painting.

YES -You can paint:
Kitchen cabinets, Furniture, IKEA,Floors, Glass, Brass, Cement, Plastic and more....

digital class
what's included?

9 videos & 6 pdf's 

Watch from your couch or take your pdf's straight to your project. Pro level classes anytime, anywhere + 4 bonus pdf's. 

start to finish guidance

Prep, how to achieve multiple finishes, clean up, care + FAQs. Plus tons of extra info along the way to make your project perfect.

Discount on supplies

That's right! You get a discount on supplies when you sign up for our class! Let's get started.

I'm an in person girl!

No worries! We offer in person training classes at our studio + retail boutique in Northern Virginia to!  Check out what we are offering now ...and YES ... we can offer private classes and group events too.

YOU *COULD* figure it Out

But who really wants to spend a million hours sifting through random youtube videos when you could just pop into my class and learn from a pro?

I'm Kelly. I live in Northern Virginia with my Handy Hubby + 4 kiddos. I love DIY and painting furniture is my specialty. I'm the owner of Stylish Patina, a curated local store that specializes in vintage & painted furniture. We sell the absolute best furniture painting products on the market all tested and supported by me and my team of painters! 

Let me show you the easy way to fall in love with your furniture again.

 The  Paint  Lab 


real results

"The class is so much fun"

As a busy mom of 3 kids I was looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up my home on a budget and during nap time! Kelly was amazing and the class is so much fun. Packed with information I can go back to over and over again.

- T.S., customer


"I'm now hooked. Can't wait for my next project!"

I was tired of looking at my brown cabinets during the pandemic! I found Kelly and Jolie Matte paint and ended up transforming my kitchen cabinets in a weekend! I'm now hooked. Can't wait for my next project!

- G.H., customer


"OMG it was so easy to use"

I didn't believe Kelly when she said i didn't have to prime or sand with the Jolie Matte Paint but she was right! OMG it was so easy to use. I ended up doing my bedroom set right in my bedroom. I just put down some old sheets and started to paint! Thx Kelly + the SP Team I'll be back for my next projoect!

- H.H., customer


let's be real

No Priming
no sanding
no joke.

I've got 4 kiddos at home and not a lot of time or space. I like things to be easy and provide instant gratification. Let me teach you how to transform your dingy furniture while your kids nap or in a few hours on a Saturday afternoon! 

Let's get painting!

What if I told you I had an awesome non-toxic furniture paint that met all your needs and was easy to use? Well I do + I want to show you how to use it!

thinking about:


Sprucing up your old KITCHEN CABINETS and making them fresh and beautiful?


Painting that dated brown FURNITURE you have lying around -aka- hidden away?


Painting your BATHROOM VANITIES  to make it feel like a luxurious spa?


Making your scratched up DINING TABLE  gorgeous again?

“Kelly knows what she's talking about when it comes to furniture paint.


- Christine, customer



Register for Class

For $37 you get 9 videos, 6 corresponding pdf's and over a decade worth of knowledge. PLUS - Four bonus guides created just for you! 


Watch & Learn

Sit back in your jammies or with a glass of wine and learn everything you need to know to make your project turn out perfect! 


Start your Project

Grab your discount, purchase your supplies and get started on your project -it's that easy! Then tag us on IG so we can share your project!

 Painting Furniture is our Jam!


I've been painting vintage furniture for over 15 years. In that time I've taught hundreds of other people how to paint their own furniture.
Now we're offering this class at your fingertips!

Jump into your DIY project without any worries. I'm here to answer all your questions - you can even pop by the store to get in person help or hit me up on IG with your questions!


You love DIY but don't feel confident starting out on your own.

You've been watching too much HGTV and Pinterest is your new addiction but there's too much info and too many choices. You're just too deep in the weeds to figure out where to start. I've created this class just for you, you CAN be succesful!

In this class


+ learn how to paint any piece of furniture

+ learn how to achieve 3 finishes

+ get the deets on clean up, care & faq's

+ learn how to choose the right top coat

ready to rock your project?

let's do this thing →

+ learn how to prep & get started



I can't wait to show you all my tips and tricks. This class has been YEARS in the making and now you can do it with me on your time in your jammies! Let's get painting!