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July 14, 2021

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From bedrooms, to study areas, play rooms, to work spaces- your kids will love their Jolie Paint furniture makeovers! Sometimes the kiddos get left with well, the leftovers. Tables you no longer care for, dinged up dressers and desks badly need to be refinished. This is what a kid’s life is often like. BUT that doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing! We love taking the old and making it feel like new!

In case you didn’t know, Jolie Paint is the perfect paint for your kid’s furniture. It’s easy, fast, and comes in fun colors. It’s non-toxic, washable and safe to do indoors with your kids + pets around. Basically -it’s paint made for your REAL life. A life that’s a little chaotic and full of fun. We love all the different ways you can renovate furniture with Jolie Paint, so check out our favorite kid’s spaces!

Our Fav Jolie Paint Furniture Makeovers for Kids!

For instance -don’t you just love this bright blue desk? It’s such a fun combo of bold and bright, while still being the perfect backdrop for homework. This one got a little extra lvoe and detailing with some super fun stenciling in white and blue! If you’re looking for a fun way to make your piece of furniture pop -consider trying this method! Grab a stencil from Home Depot, Etsy or make one your own, then choose a few samples in Jolie Paint and make it fun! This color was a special custom mix of Gentleman’s Blue and Santorini! Mixing colors is super easy with Jolie!

blue jolie paint desk makeover

Next up is our favorite Jolie Paint furniture makeover – a small table perfect for floor cushions and art time! One of the best parts of being a kid is having fun playing on the floor. Pick up some cool cushions from your favorite store (World Market anyone?) and then paint your table to match! Kids love the freedom of being able to hang out on the floor and get out those little wiggles. This cool table was done with Jolie Paint in Gesso White -a perfect nuetral addition to any space!

gesso white jolie paint makeover

As a Mom I feel like all I’m ever doing is organizing my kid’s toys, supplies and games. So why not make your storage spaces just as beautiful as the rest of the room? This Ikea storage was repainted using Jolie Paint’s French Quarter Green. And OMG isn’t it gorgeous! While we all love the bright colors that kid’s spaces often come in.. I do get sick of the constant primary colors. Jolie Paint is full of bright happy colors, while still feeling modern and beautiful!

french quarter green jolie paint storage

Last but not least, this gorgeous dresser for a nursery! Done in Jolie Paint’s French Blue -this color is as beautifully feminine as it is historically little boy blue. Dresser’s are just about the easiest thing to thrift for. People are constantly tossing out old ones and buying new! So take advantage and grab yourself a vintage dresser to paint!

blue jolie paint dresser

Ready to Start Your Painting Project?

Now of course, with kiddos running around you might not actually have time to do any of this yourself. Don’t worry. We custom paint furniture for you! Shoot us an email or pop over to the store to discuss your next project! Painting furniture is one of our favorite things to do, and we always take on custom projects in the store. So skip the effort, and just have us do it for you!

Don’t forget to pop by the shop to visit us at our Boutique in Falls Church City! We are open in our NEW location. We’re right next to Panera and our Main Entrance is located on Pennsylvania Avenue! There’s even free parking in the garage right next door, so be sure to come by and say Hello!

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