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June 6, 2019

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We welcomed Hunter Grant Thompson on April 10th, 8lbs, 21 inches. The latest addition to the Stylish Patina Family.

I of course have been trying to write this blog post for literally 7 weeks (excuse the run on sentences + misspelled words) ….Hunter is now 8 weeks old!  Such is life with a newborn and 3 other kiddos 4 and under.  Everyone is doing great.  I had a bit of an extended stay in the hospital due to high blood pressure after delivery.  This happens every time I deliver which stinks but at least we know to look for it and address it in the hospital.  After the twins I landed back in the ER due to it and it was a really terrifying experience.  I was a new mom of twins and had to be readmitted and put on a magnesium drip…..not an ideal situation. Luckily they let me bring the twins back in the hospital with me.

After Greyson we knew the high blood pressure might happen but hoped it wouldn’t since it was just 1 baby this time……but no luck day 3 my blood pressure started to rise again.  They put me on meds and sent me home.  This time day 2 after delivery my pressure started to rise and my legs started to swell so again we started to meds but this time they didn’t work right away.  This led to about 4 days of trial and error (8 days in the hospital) but we finally got it figured out and and now my pressure is coming back to normal and I am getting off the meds.  Fun times!

All in all we are doing great and loving having another little one in the house.  Hunter, so far, is a really easy baby.  As long as he is fed he is pretty happy. He isn’t sleeping through the night but eventually that will come. Life is crazy and I am trying to figure out the best working hours for me now that summer is here and the kids are out of school.  The never ending juggle of spending time with my kids and making a living for our family.

So far this summer we have been venturing out early to a park in the morning and then I head to work in the afternoon.  If you follow me on Instagram check out my stories and my highlights “kids parks” I’ve been showing all the parks we have been visiting.  It’s pretty awesome how many cool parks there out in the NOVA area.

One of my resolutions is get back to blogging more, it’s so hard to find the time.  I feel like every single minute of my day is taken up and never enough time for work so I always push the blog to.  I’m might not write big long posts and the pictures will most likely not be super fancy and styled but I’m going to try and be better about keeping in touch on the blog.  Especially with me taking on new design clients and Real Estate clients it will be fun to share those things with you too. I wish I had the time and resources to always show you beautiful Instagram worthy pictures but I just don’t ….. so often I opt to not share.  More on this topic in another blog post. Now here are some good old iphone pics of my family when Hunter was born.

** FYI for those that are interested we do have an Advanced chalk paint class coming up next weekend and are planning some other fun classes + workshops this summer, see the details here. **

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  1. Danicia says:

    You have a beautiful family and you look gorgeous too! Congratulations!

  2. Peggy says:


    You look great and what adorable kids & husband!

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