Jolie Paint the reasons I LOVE it!

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July 26, 2019

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Happy Friday! I’ve had a lot of questions about the difference between Jolie Paint and why I love it.

  1. It’s sooooo eeaasy! And very smooth to the touch once it’s been applied and dries even before wax.  And the clear wax is AMAZING! I think much easier to apply than anything I have used.
  2. The COLORS that Jolie offers are gorgeous and fit for the USA marketplace. The Jolie colors and all the marketing materials spoke to me as a painter, home owner and designer.
  3. The marketing materials available for our customers rocks! Not only is it beautiful and like looking at a Home Decor magazine it is stuffed with tutorials. And the color deck….hello 300 colors with easy 1 to 1 mixes you can make with your eyes closed.  This is a MUST for our furniture painters and designers.

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  1. Olivia says:

    Really? I like Annie Sloan paint a lot more. The paint quality is so much better! The colors are prettier to even though you copied all of them.

    • Hi Olivia, these are just my personal opinions on a paint line I am enjoying using. I did not create Jolie Paint I am a consumer and painter like you and am expressing my personal preference. Happy Painting.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I do not agree with these statements. And jolie has had her colors for what? 6 months? Annie Sloan has had these for 30 YEARS. Looks to me like you’ve copied.


    • Kelly says:

      Jolie use to be Annie Sloan biggest distributor till things fell apart and both parties sued each other. Annie Sloan won but again it’s the preference of paint u want to use and what ur doing with it. To each of their own.

  3. Claire says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t like the new formula, I am actually liking it so much better.

  4. Ann says:

    Both brands scream painted if you don’t use additional finishing techniques. While I question the quality of Amy Howard at Home products, at least she is furniture designer first, not creator of a line of paints which can be applied to furniture IMO that is a major difference.

  5. Angie Grimm says:

    I just took a paint technique class at a small vintage store that features Jolie paints and other supplies. I absolutely agree with you Kelly! Loved using these paints. They are so easily applied and easy to work with. Love the results and the wax finish is the best I’ve seen. Working on my first piece with now and can’t wait to see the end results. Thank you for your comparison and expressing your opinions, much appreciated!

  6. Lindsay says:

    I am going to be painting a China cabinet and doing research on what paint to use. I have heard great things about Jolie and Annie Sloan. If I am trying to get a really smooth finish, which brand do you suggest I use?

  7. Yolanda Hogan says:

    I have used Annie Sloan paints in the past and have been pleased. I am wanting to repaint by kitchen cabinets that were initially paint a few years back with store bought semi-gloss paint and now want to try chalk paint. I am undecided whether to use Annie Sloan or try Joile, which I have seen many videos of and it does look amazing, can you make a recommendation?
    I want a finish smooth look and I want something that I will be able to wipe down and clean when needed.

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