Meet Kelly, Stylish Patina Home


For those of you that are new to STYLISH PATINA a little bit about me, Kelly Millspaugh Thompson.  I was raised in Falls Church City where my shop, Stylish Patina Home + Gift, is located.  I am truly a native of Northern Virginia and Falls Church City and I am raising my family in the Falls Church neighborhood of Sleepy Hollow. 

The home I grew up in my dad bought from Falls Church City.  It was so overgrown and in such disrepair I’m sure they were lucky to sell it back then.  This was 40 years ago before there was HGTV + and the fixer upper craze …… just a few crazy risk takers were willing to buy a home like that.  My dad saw the upside to buying a heavily distressed property in a great area.   My poor mother on the other hand with 2 young kids was roped into stripping wallpaper and attempting to cleanup this house on the weekends with friends in the hopes of transforming this “money pit” into the home they now adore (seriously my mom is never going to leave that house).  So I guess you could say Real Estate is in my blood.

If you have followed the blog over the last 10 plus years you know that my husband, James aka “handy hubby”, and I have a shared love affair with Real Estate, renovation and all things DIY.  James has been in Commercial Real Estate in D.C. and Virginia for over 20 years and I grew up with a father that loved to invest in Real Estate in the Northern Virginia area.

James and I have purchased and fixed up four houses in the Falls Church / Arlington area over the past few years and are always on the hunt for our next project.  Back in the good old days we did more of the work on our fixer uppers ourselves, now we tend to use contractors we know and trust. Having 4 kids in 5 years has put a damper on our spare time (what spare time?). 

Buy and selling a home can be stressful and I want to make it more enjoyable for folks.  My hope is that at Stylish Patina we can become a trusted resource for all things home related for our clients. My dream is to build a boutique style home related firm that can do more that provide just a basic real estate transaction.  We want to add additional value to your home buying or selling experience.

I hope you will let me assist you in getting transitioned into your next stage of life whatever that may look like … bachelor/bachelorette pad, first home, first child, 4th child, downsizing, estate planning ….  I’m here to help!   I look forward to hearing your story you can email me directly at realestate@sytlishpatina.com or kelly@stylishpatina.com.