How to Paint Furniture using Jolie Paint

Tips for Painting Your Furniture

Thanks for stopping by!  I know it can seem intimidating to paint a piece of furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and so much more but I promise it’s not that hard!  I’ve been painting furniture for two decades now and the products I used and sell are so easy and fun to use you will be addicted in no time.

My name is Kelly Millspaugh Thompson and I am the Founder + Owner of  Stylish Patina a lifestyle boutique that specializes in DIY products focusing on painting furniture, kitchen cabinets, vanities and more! Let us help you make your house a home.  After 20 years of painting furniture and over 10 years making a living doing it I think I qualify as an expert.

We carry a wide variety of DIY paint lines to help you refresh you furniture and other home accessories. A few of our favorite brands are Jolie Matte Paint, General Finishes Paint , and Wise Owl One Hour Enamel.  I am always trying the new products as they hit the market because I want to always offer the best and easiest products to my clients/customers.

Jolie Matte Paint is my favorite paint line.  It’s the “easy button” for painting furniture and more.  It is the premier Chalk Style Paint on the market.  It requires no priming or sanding before application, yes really!  It’s very similar to the much loved Annie Sloan Chalk Paint BUT SMOOTHER and EASIER to use!  I promise I’ve been painting furniture for a living for over 10 years now and it’s the one I pull of the shelf first everytime!  Download our one pager here it’s as easy as popping the top of the can and painting.

If you are looking for a little bit more hand holding I just launched the Stylish Patina Paint Lab and in there we have our DIY Furniture Painting 101 Class.  It has over 15 video plus downloadable PDFs of me walking you through how to use the Jolie Paint as well as I answer all the questions I know you will be wondering and provide ALL of my tips + tricks.  You can purchase the class here if you are interested.  It’s ONLY $37.

DIY Furniture Painting 101 Class

Learn how to transform your furniture in a day.

Working with Jolie Paint

It’s pretty straight forward…add a little water to it to make it smooth, thicken it up by leaving the lid off if you want to make it thicker, make it into a wash by adding even more water to it. Use flat brushes for a smooth look or bristle brushes for a more textured aged look.  To learn more about these and other techniques, grab our DIY Furniture Painting Digital Class here or come in and get some tips from our helpful staff!   

Jolie Paint come in two sizes, 4oz sample jar which will cover a small side table and a quart which will cover two good size dressers with some paint left over.  You can buy Jolie Paint at the shop in Falls Church City or visit our online shop.  ORDER YOUR PAINT ONLINE.  Have questions? You can email us at shop@stylishpatina.com or call 571.265.1068.

Stylish Patina Paint Lab

Head over to the Stylish Patina Paint Lab and join us for class if you are looking for some more in depth information!

Stylish Patina Painted furniture Jolie Paint

The Jolie Everyday Guide is the essential beginner’s guide to learn six of Jolie Home’s signature finishes. It covers everything from materials, preparing your surfaces, step-by-step techniques, applying Finishing Wax and Floor Varnish, mixing colors, cleaning, and care. How to Paint Furniture using Jolie Paint all the details are in the Everyday Guide. You can purchase this magazine quality book in the shop or online here.


  • The Basic Finish
  • The Smooth Finish
  • The Textured Finish
  • The Distressed Finish
  • The Dry Brush Finish
  • The Washed Finish

Stylish Patina Painted furniture Jolie Paint

Add depth with colored Jolie Finishing Waxes, add metallics with Jolie Gilding Wax or Jolie Gold Size and Metal Leaf, or mix your own colored Finishing Wax by adding a little Jolie Paint! Download the Embellishment Guide to learn everything you need. Buy this book here.


  • Colored Finishing Wax
  • Custom Colored Finishing Wax
  • Metal Leaf and Gold Size
  • Gilding Wax

The Jolie Cabinet Guide

Designed for professionals and DIYers, the Jolie the process of painting cabinetry by breaking it down into manageable steps. Learn how to prepare your cabinets, the best painting techniques, and how to apply various topcoats, including Jolie Finishing Wax and Jolie Varnish (coming soon!)

Follow the guide to achieve a complete cabinet makeover in your kitchen, bathroom, or pantry. You’ll feel proud of what you’ve accomplished and inspired by your refreshed space.  The cabinet guide can be purchased in the store or online.

Stylish Patina Painted furniture Jolie Paint

Stylish Patina Painted furniture expert

Digital Furniture Painting Class
Stylish Patina Digital Furniture Painting Class