General Finishes Paint

General Finishes Paint Line has a number of fabulous products we use and sell regularly. wanted to tell you a little bit about a few of our favorites!

GF Milk Paint – This isn’t what you think of a Milk Paint, it is not chippy and matte finished. It is a water based paint and is pretty thin so you need to be careful with drips when painting. We recommend a synthetic bristle brush or sprayer for this product. The GF Milk Paint is actually has a higher sheen level right out of the can than our Jolie product and is top coated with a water based poly in sheens from flat out flat up to gloss.

GF Stains – General finishes carries traditional wood stain and a product call Gel Stain. The Gel Stain is very popular because you do not need to sand your piece down you just apply the stain over your existing wood. It is an oil based product and we have an oil based top coat. Due to it being oil based it takes 24 hours to dry.

Check out the GF YouTube Channel for videos on all of their products. You can buy these products from here in our online shop. If you don’t see what you need email us we may have it it’s just not on our website yet. If you have questions email us at shop@stylishpatina.com.