Interior Design Services in Northern Virginia


Our in store design consult fee is $65 an hour.  You can book an hour with Kelly and brainstorm through your design challenges.  Bring your inspirational images, color swatches, iphone pics!  You can have her undivided attention for 1 hour in the shop.  This services in offered based on her availability and the slots fill up fast so contact us to book, shop@stylishpatina.com.  Your will be required to pay ahead of time to secure the time slot.


Our on site design consult is $150 and hour.  If you are 15 miles from Falls Church additional travel fees may apply.  This is a one hour consult in a location of your choosing to discuss your space.


You can pay for hourly design assistance at $125 or in packages of time. 5 hour for $500 or 10 hours for $900.


Refresh Your Space Package

This is for the design loving and budget savvy client. The consult includes a 1 hour meeting onsite within a 10 mile radius and a recap via email of our discussion chocked full of ideas for furniture and layout for one room shared via a custom Pinterest board.  Many of these ideas we will brainstorm together during our meeting and then I will spend a few hours coming up with an inspiration board that will be shared via Pinterest.

On the Pinterest board you will have links to furniture suggestions and ideas for your space to review.  I will revise the board twice based on your feedback.  Once we have finalized the board you will have the direction you need to execute the plan.

If you need or want help executing the suggestions we can work out a flat rate for full design services the project.  (If you live outside of a 15 miles from Falls Church additional drive time will be included.) This package is $500 – $5000 per room depending on the size of the room.  To book the consult you will need to pay for the service in advance.

Decorating Budget Consult

Are you not even sure where to start decorating a new or existing home? This package might be for you.  This is a flat rate $500 that gets you roughly 5 hours of our expertise to help you put together a general home decor planning budget so you can then decide your next steps.  We will offer guidance on things like where to invest your money and what in your home could be repurposed and given new life with some simple DIY tricks.

Kitchen Refresh Consult

So you have a kitchen that you don’t love BUT you don’t have $45k for a gut job so what are your options?  If this sounds like your project this package might be for you.  It’s a flat $350 fee (roughly 2-3 hours) and we will come out and take a look at your kitchen and give you some ideas right on the spot and then follow up with detailed suggestions via email.  If you want to move forward and have us execute the ideas we are happy to pull together an estimate or you will be ready to start executing the suggestions on your own!

Materials Selection

Are you building a custom home or renovating an existing home and overwhelmed with decisions from flooring to tile to hardware?  This is the package for you.  We can come in and help your sort through everything from paint color to flooring.  Flat rate fee $300 first 2 hours.

Nursery / Kids Room / Playroom Design Ideas

Are you expecting a little one and are struggling to pull together the perfect little room for your new addition?  Or do you have kids that are growing up and don’t want to pay a ton to rework the space to fit their new needs and style? This package is for you.  This includes an onsite consult and then a followup email and Pinterest board to help you pull it all together.  We will give you purchasing suggestions and layout suggestions.   Flat fee of $500 – $3000 depending on the size of the room.

Color Assistance Package

If you are looking for guidance on color selection for walls this is something I do regularly. Depending on the number of rooms you are looking for assistance with the price range varies roughly $150/hour.  This includes an onsite visit of the space and follow up recommendations via email + Pinterest board.

Full Scale Interior Design Plan

When decorating a room from scratch I find it’s easier to implement with a solid plan in place.  For this service offering I like to spend time with the client(s) and get a strong understanding of how the space will be used, the style they are hoping to end up with and any other details that will make it perfect for their home.  After visiting the space, measuring and having detailed discussions we will provide you with a interior design plan that the home owner can execute.  The plan will include a design board, detailed purchasing plan and layout.  The purpose of this plan is to give you a fully executable design at an affordable cost.  This is plan isn’t for everyone each component of the plan fits together so you don’t recommend picking and choosing elements to execute.  A maximum of two hours of editing time can be used to adjust the plan post completion.

This service is for those that want to trust in our expertise and are looking for results relatively quickly.  If you are looking for a more involved and iterative design process this plan isn’t for you.  As with most of our design services this is a flat fee ranging from $2500 and up in design services depending on the size of the space.

Real Estate Services // Searching for a new home, Finding a Fixer Upper, New Build or Full Scale Home Renovation

I love renovating houses and if you would like help lets talk!  I am the fixer queen so send me an email kelly@stylishpatina.com.  I can even partner with you to help locate the Fixer Upper you have been looking for!