Thanks for stopping by Stylish Patina Home. Are you thinking about buying a home and have lots of questions and starting to feel overwhelmed? Check out my home buys guide below. Are you wondering if you need a RealtorĀ®? Let me tell you a few things about me and then please take a look at my customized approach to buying a home and see if we might make a good house hunting team!

My name is Kelly Millspaugh Thompson. I am a wife, mom and small business owner.

  • I am a native of Northern Virginia. I was raised in Falls Church, Virginia so I know this area and all the hidden gem neighborhoods!
  • I own a Home Furnishings + Decor store called Stylish Patina in Falls Church and offer Interior Design services. So I can see past the dated carpet and old bathrooms in any house we may look at together.
  • I have bought, renovated and sold multiple homes for myself and I love hunting for houses … anything from a fixer upper to a new build.
  • I have kids (like 4 of them!) so if you are buying with kids and are worried about the hassles I get it and can help you figure it out.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your home buying needs!

Email me realestate@stylishpatina.com with questions or hit be up on IG direct message @stylishpatina or @stylishpatinarealestate.

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